So it has been wayyy to long since my last blog posting for my site. Things have been extremely crazy and I have been super busy but that is no excuse! I am going to make myself blog more so that my people can have a little something to entertain themselves with.  I would like to think i am finally starting to make some slight moves out here. I was invited into an invite-only acting class held by Cyb Barnstable, an accredited acting teacher. Her class has been amazing and truly enhances the passion I have.  I also now have representation!! I was signed by The House of Representatives Talent Agency for commercial and print representation! Hopefully I will now be seen across the nation if i book a national commercial! I am also now pursuing theatrical representation which will help aid me in getting television and film auditions. We shall see! New photos were also taken recently and I am sorting through them to find the one that makes the waves! I will keep up to date with progress, decisions, etc. Exciting new opportunities to come!

Coming at ya from the ‘Bu

So this is basically my first blog post ever. Well, not ever, but for my own site!  I am blogging to you all currently from Malibu, California. It’s a gorgeous day outside and things are looking up! I am very excited to finally have this site up and running. Bare with me as it will be constantly updated and improved but for now you still have something to browse! Ill keep up to date with films, commercials, classes, meetings etc so everyone knows what is going on with me.  Feel free to click on things and make comments! I got lucky and had some help from a good friend, Chris. With his help this site is gonna be sweet! Stay connected to ya boi Tyler everyday now!

Blogging for the first tizzie.


Look at this pretty mug! Plenty more to come…